The House Still Needs Some Work

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We really love the house, although it still needs a lot of love and attention. The location is wonderful for Maria, her job is only about seven minutes away and she really loves that. She can stay in bed for about half an hour longer than she could when we lived on the other side of town. I really do not have this sort of thing to worry about, since I only go into the office about five times a month. I do spend time on the road. So we are looking at places like for a home security system, although we really would like a more advanced system. They sell all sorts of things aside from home security, like smart home systems or home automation. This is great in theory, but right now the money might not be there for the top shelf type of system. In fact I suppose that the time is coming when no one will care if they remember their keys or not.

Obviously when you think about it there are plenty of systems which can recognize you, either through facial recognition, your voice, your retina or your fingerprint. So in the future when you walk up to your car it is going to know who you are and unlock the door for you. In fact it will probably know that you will be leaving at a certain time and make sure that the interior of the car is either warm or cool. It is going to be the same with the house. It shall see you come and know who you are, but just as importantly it will know where you are when you are returning home. That sort of thing is available now, your phone tells your house you will be back and it needs to make things cozy.