How 5G will revolutionise digital signage

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Standing out in the marketplace and attracting the customers you want is one of the benefits of great signage. Digital signage is an exciting and evolving area which can deliver some impressive options, however, with the proliferation of digital communications, it now takes something special to be distinctive, and 5G technology could be the platform to make that happen.

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Faster and more dazzling

Speed is always impressive, and it is thought that 5G will be up to a thousand times faster than 4G services, uploading content at a speed of up to one hundred gigabytes a second. This means that data in response to requests can be delivered seamlessly, with no more lagging. Time is money, so the responsiveness of 5G is a big plus.

This speed and power mean that 5G will deliver an impressive array of services, including calls with holograms. For details on these features, see this report from The Guardian.

More relevant displays

Digital signage on the 5G platform will also look more impressive, because the faster speeds mean less need for compressing video, and thus images and graphics that are of higher quality, with more capacity for updates and processing personal data to deliver bespoke responses.

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Options for streaming can be increasingly localised, with content that is more focused on the user. In addition, displays will have the capability to interact with personal devices, cameras and apps, to analyse data and deliver experiences that are more meaningful and satisfying for the end user. Retail signage will be able to respond to the needs and desires of the user to provide content that is more relevant to their lifestyle. If you are interested in retail signage that has a big impact, then it would be worth looking at an option that has a credible and successful track record, such as retail signage from Mood Media.

Digital signage is here to stay, and to make your mark in this area, it is worth investing in a strategy to ensure that you are maximising all the opportunities that this form of communication can bring your way. With 5G services almost ready to be rolled out, now is the time to assess options and make plans to use this form of media in the most compelling ways that connect meaningfully with the people you want to reach.