How to Prepare for Surgery

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Going into surgery can be scary, especially if you’ve never undergone surgery before. Whether it’s a small procedure or something more intensive, there are several ways you can prepare to be sure your surgery and recovery go smoothly. 

Find the Right Surgeon

Your surgery doesn’t have to be performed by the doctor you are assigned at your primary care facility. You have the option to research the surgeon they recommend as well as others in the area. Perhaps there is another surgeon with more experience, or who specializes in your procedure. Also be sure the facility you are going to is fully accredited and licensed. 

Research Methods of Surgery

With the current advances in medical technology, surgery is much safer and much less invasive than it was even a decade ago. Many procedures that were once invasive, time consuming, and difficult to recover from can now be done laparoscopically or using surgical lasers. This allows for shorter recovery time and less chance of infection. 

Be Honest With Your Doctors

Are you on any medications? Have you not been feeling well lately? Did you once have a bad reaction to anesthesia? All of this information is vital for your surgeon, nurses, and anesthesiologists to know before any surgical procedure. Even if you’re not sure something might be relevant, mention it. The more information the doctors have, the safer you’ll be. 

Prepare for the Bill

Although you cannot anticipate everything, there are ways you can prepare for your final medical bill. Ask the hospital for an estimate, and work with your insurance company to get as much information upfront as possible. The more information you have the better. 

People undergo surgery all the time. It may make you feel nervous, but follow these tips and you will come out of your surgery healthy and happy.