Surrogacy as the way of happiness

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Surrogacy in Ukraine is the individually adapted process with the main aim – to give a unique chance of parenting to people with fertility problems. Professional approach of ADONIS Fertility clinics is of the highest level with total control, support and ensured chances of results. 

The Surrogate mother’s involvement in the ADONIS Surrogacy Programs is regulated by orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Family Code of Ukraine.

A Surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to bear and give birth to a child with no genetic connection for a childless couple and receives compensation for this. ADONIS ‘own Legal Department provides the total support with all aspects needed for regulation of the process (documentation, agreement, compensation). 

The main and obligatory aspect of ADONIS is to ensure genetic connection with the intended parents (at least one of them). The Surrogate mother acts only as the carrier for the couple which has fertility problems.

Medical help of worldwide quality

ADONIS Surrogacy provides the best medical assistance for the people from the whole world. The level of help is assured by certificated equipment, skilled specialists and well-considered service (cost of Surrogacy in ADONIS is really affordable). 

ADONIS main advantages are numerous, including: 

  • ADONIS’ own Surrogate base with the best candidates of total health and readiness to start the program right now
  • ADONIS’ own donor base with a rigorously diagnosed health state. This service is especially desired for couple in which one have the fertility problems, ADONIS provides both women’s and men’s genetic material according to your wishes and requirements
  • ADONIS’ own laboratory with the newest equipment and specialists for diagnosis. We will ensure the high level of examination for your well-being and right beginning of the infertility treatment
  • ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals ensures an unbelievable service for your babies from the first days of their lives. In case of emergency ADONIS have the whole special equipment and accommodations to provide the qualitative medical help at the right time

The greatest opportunity to experience the medical treatment of infertility with ADONIS Fertility. Incomparable quality with the same incomparable price formation – Surrogacy cost in UK or USA greatly differs. 

Your granted help is nearby, just contact our consultants or visit ADONIS website to be always on top of things.

Don’t be aware or uncertain, ADONIS Surrogacy services are clearly regulated by the law of Ukraine:

  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine Order No. 787 dated 09.09. 2013 “To approve the procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies”
  • Family Law Act of Ukraine
  • The rules of state registration of civil status acts in Ukraine approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Order No. 52/5 dated 18.10.2000

The whole modern world is ready for changes and a beautiful future. ADONIS Surrogacy Programs are your greatest opportunity to change your life and be moved with the times. Make the first step with happy parenting!