The Deadliest Cancers That You Want to Do What You Can to Avoid

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Cancer is a disease you never want to hear your doctor say. Unfortunately, millions of people develop a new cancer diagnosis every year and struggle to avoid lifelong problems. As a result, it is important to understand some of the most common types you may experience and your expected survival rate. Doing so can help make sure that you don’t end up suffering needlessly as a result.

Pancreatic Cancer

This very scary cancer type is usually most common if you have diabetes, a history of cancer in your family, or a long history of stomach problems. Those with cirrhosis also more often develop this condition. When it develops, it is usually very hard to notice until late into your treatment cycle. Unfortunately, this fact means that it may be very hard to treat and eliminate. When spotted early enough, though, this cancer can be surprisingly easy to fight with minimal difficulty.


Much more common in men than women (about six times more common), this cancer will spread throughout the layer of tissue called the mesothelium around your lungs and heart. When this cancer develops, it will spread very quickly throughout these tissues and to other parts of your body. Asbestos exposure is the number one cause of this cancer type, a fact that is well known by now. Thankfully, mesothelioma settlements can help people who suffer from this condition.

Liver Cancer

The survival rate of this condition typically jumps because most people notice it sooner. Its symptoms can cause a loss of weight, difficulties eating, and struggles with nausea. People may also notice painful urination and other symptoms that may affect their qualify of life. Your condition will significantly worsen if you drank heavily, as this will impact your liver’s health. It may also worsen if you have either hepatitis B or C or both, as these can greatly damage your liver.

Lung Cancer

The central location and the importance of your lungs make any cancer here a serious problem – and often a deadly one. Typically, smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of this condition. It accounts for 8 out of 10 cases of lung cancer. If people quit smoking entirely and no more tobacco was consumed, cases of this cancer would likely plummet back to where they were before tobacco became widely sold. Unfortunately, such a change is not likely to happen and this disease will remain severe.

Gallbladder Cancer

This condition is at least twice as common in men than it is in women and is very deadly in both. It is often not noticed because the gallbladder is so small and is rarely understood by most people. And its cancers often start out small and don’t cause a lot of immediate symptoms. Unfortunately, it is connected to your bile system, which may make it very easy for cancers here to spread to your stomach, intestines, and many other delicate areas of your body as you age.