Most companies, whether they are a SME or a multinational corporation, will produce a certain amount of waste each year. Waste can include things such as plastics, oils, e-waste, landfills, and more, all depending on the company’s products and services. While producing waste is a common effect of operating a business, knowing how to properly dispose of the waste can be a more important and complex issue. Rules for disposing of waste that contains asbestos can vary greatly compared to waste that is composed mostly of plastics and petroleum-based substances. Likewise, if solvents and liquids need to be disposed of, guaranteeing that these products will not contaminate local groundwater supply is an absolute must.

The issue product-based and manufacturing companies find most relevant is possible land and water contamination, where the local environment is threatened by hazardous by-products made by corporations. Contaminations, such as oil spills, water pollution, and chemical waste can all greatly damage local environments and threaten the safety of citizens, wildlife, and outdoor family pets. Many fail to realise the damage done by their hazardous waste until it is too late and face both legal and financial consequences of their actions. For this reason alone, having the proper hazardous waste disposal service available must be a priority.


Finding the right service company to dispose of your specific waste, whilst following local government and municipality guidelines, can lead to more than just a headache. When your company needs to dispose of hazardous waste and materials, turn to Oates Environmental for the most concise and efficient waste disposal company in Northern England. Oates Environmental specialises in disposing of hazardous waste for commercial companies as well as cleaning industrial transportation tanks.Their mission is simple – to offer a genuine and complete waste management service. Oates waste disposal services include liquid wastes, packaged wastes, oily contaminated absorbents, e-waste, and more hazardous by-products that companies produce. While also managing hazardous waste disposal, Oates Environmental offers waste monitoring for its clients, providing in-depth analysis of waste disposals along with relevant patterns and correlations.

In addition to disposing of hazardous materials, Oates Environmental specialises in cleaning tanks, such as transporters and containers, that hold petrol and diesel products to heavy fuel oil and gas oil. Furthermore, Oates also offers tank extraction and complete removal when a storage tank is no longer needed.

What differentiates Oates Environmental from other waste disposal companies is their attentiveness to following ever-changing legislation for hazardous waste disposal. Utilizing a company who does not correctly follow the regulations of hazardous waste disposal can jeopardize its customers and force large sums of legal fees to be issued as a result.  As the current waste disposer for local municipalities, such as Leeds City Council, Oates Environmental prioritises following strict environmental regulations over all other business practices. This, alone, maintains the company’s commitment to environment and protecting local habitats.

Whether you require disposal of hazardous material from a construction site, extraction of a former storage tank, or analysis of your company’s waste disposal amount, Oates Environmental will provide you with the absolute best service!
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