Important books for engineering entrances

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JEE Entrance Exam is one of the most coveted exams of our country. It is very obvious that the preparation it counts for is very exhaustive. Approximately 12 lakh students appear for the IIT-JEE Entrance Exam every year. From where, only around 2 lakh students qualify in the IIT-JEE Advanced Exam, out of which nearly 10,000 students find themselves in the IITs.

Many education experts and toppers have laid out different tips and tricks for students to crack JEE Main. Students need to be diligent in adopting the right ones that they could effectively utilize and incorporate while doing their preparation.

Two years of dedicated and systematic preparation is the most important key to get success in entrance exam. But even after ardent and sincere preparations some students fail to perform well. The main reason behind this is lack of explicit knowledge about the topics.


General analysis of paper:

JEE (Main) Exam 2016 had two parts (Paper 1 and Paper 2). Paper 1 was for those students who wanted to apply for engineering in the engineering colleges, while paper 2 was for students applying for B. Arch degrees.

It is a common sight to see 12th passed students agonizing over what books to buy, which coaching classes to attend and where to find practice papers?

Everyone knows what it takes to crack IIT JEE. Students spend years preparing for this exam. But, one needs to choose the right ways and right resources in order to succeed.

The market is brimming with array of books for reference. But following the right kind of books should be the main objective. DC Pandey Physics is one important book that is used not only by teachers but students as well. This book have proved beneficial to students in terms of clearing concepts in a more refined and descriptive manner. It helped student in scoring significantly higher.

BITSAT, which is another important  exam for engineering aspirants requires the same amount of preparation tricks and techniques. Avail the best books for BITSAT,  read and understand their concepts, then utilize their formulas in solving various problems.

Earn a seat in your dream college and make a successful career just by opting the best techniques and reading the best books for gaining knowledge.