A List of Effective Locations where You can Make Full Use of Your Roller Banner

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A roller or roll up banner is a great marketing tool and allows you to advertise in many different places. If you’ve got the right design, there is no limit to the amount of people a roller banner can attract to your place of business. Highly visible, simple in construction, and neat in appearance, the banner radiates professional representation. But how do you make sure your roller or pull up banner is used to its maximum potential? Where can you place that smart marketing tool? Here is a list of effective locations where you can make full use of your roller banner.

Exhibitions and events

Companies – large, medium, or small – know the advantages of a good exhibition and take the opportunity not only to sell and make their brand known to many people, but also to do market research and check out the competition. A banner is an excellent way to promote your stand and to make sure that all attendees understand what you and your stall are all about.


Product launches

When you launch a new product, it’s important to make a very big and bold statement – coming out with something new must look like a celebration, with lots of fireworks and lots of visual aids. Roller banners are perfect for making that big, bold statement that you need. Your colours, your logo, your product – they can all be showcased on a banner with a simple but strong message. You can even opt for double sided pull up banners for better impact.


You don’t need a special event to use banners – in fact, the banner does wonders when it is placed in a location where potential customers pass by regularly over a period of time. Think about window displays, inside shops, near counters, in shopping centres, in foyers and near receptions, or near entrances and exits.


Sports facilities, health facilities, travel facilities, tourism agencies – you name it, you are guaranteed to see banners and posters there. Why? Because they work, and because the people who place them there understand the power of banners at such facilities. If you’re promoting a product or brand related to an organisation or common cause, then ask their help and place your banner.

Of course, there is absolutely no limit to where you could possibly place your banner – the only rule is that it should be placed where your potential customers can clearly see it. If you find a place that attracts a large crowd, or where people pass by regularly, then it’s worth considering. Outside the entrance to the bathroom, for example – you may laugh, but it’s guaranteed people will see it. Near the snack bar. At the exit of a parking area. Your options are simply too numerous for us to list them all. That’s the flexibility and power of the roller banner.

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