Moving to Canada as a Skilled Worker

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Once you’ve decided to move to Canada you may be someone who has valuable training and experience and in your chosen profession. The last thing you want is to start over at the beginning again and may be wondering about the best way to prepare yourself as a newcomer to Canada. Fortunately the Canadian Government is ready to prepared to assist you to get settled with a number of government funded programs. Eligible participants will find these programs can go a long way towards opening doors on a professional as well as personal level.

For those preparing  to move to Canada and have confirmation of their permanent residence status here are a couple of pre arrival programs that can give you the best possible start when you arrive in Canada.


The Food Processing Human Resource Council Pre Arrival Training Program

Taking part in this program is a good start to a position in one of Canada’s fastest growing industries. This program is valued at $5,000 but if you apply in the pre arrival stage it’s essentially free training that will secure you a job in Canada. The networking and employment opportunities alone make this a worthwhile program.

The British Columbia Construction Association Pre Arrival Training Program

Construction in British Columbia is booming and the need for qualified workers is at an all time high. It’s estimated that more than 25,000 construction jobs are available due to a shortage of skilled workers in the province. To help fill the shortage the Canadian Government has funded the program aimed towards getting skilled workers into employment that matches their skills.

Taking part in these programs for newcomers to Canada will have you on the road to success if you apply before you arrive. In the Toronto area contact Rashid Urosevic LLP for legal advice or immigration lawyers in Toronto for help on immigrating to Canada.