Cable TV vs. Streaming Services: What Are The Pros And Cons?

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Depending on the age group you speak to, they will have a different answer on which entertainment choice is better. The younger crowd who are used to the fast-paced technologically advanced nature of today’s world will most likely say streaming is the way to go. The older generations however still prefer the old school entertainment source: an affordable cable TV provider.

It is understandable to have your preference, but for some, it is still a debate on which of the two is better. To help those who are on the fence, here’s a handy comparison of cable and streaming services:

Streaming Services

The Pros:

Streaming services are a relatively new way to watch programs on demand. All you need is access to the internet and a streaming website like Netflix and you have hundreds upon hundreds of show you can binge watch whenever you want. You can also link this to your TV and watch the shows outside of your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Streaming services also do not have many commercials and you can watch an entire series in a day! It is the ultimate binge watching partner.

The Cons:

The problem with streaming services is the fees. The monthly fees can also get too expensive and one streaming website gives you access to all your shows. What most people do is they end up subscribing to more than one website which results in higher monthly bills. Plus, if you don’t have access to the internet, you also don’t have access to streaming websites.

Cable TV

The Pros:

Cable TV was once a staple in almost all American households, but that isn’t the case today, but there are still many advantages to choosing an affordable Cable TV provider. One of the main advantages of cable is a number of channels to choose from. There are some providers that offer over 500 different channels, the best for channel surfers. Cable bundles are also a big advantage as you can choose your favorite channels and pay at a discounted price. Let’s not forget the advantage of DVR which lets you record all your favorite programs to watch at a later time.

Cable also helps boost the rank of your favorite TV shows. The more people tuned in, the more chances your show gets renewed for another season!

The Cons:

When you rely on cable to watch your shows you can’t really binge watch. You need to pay close attention to schedules to catch the latest episodes. Speaking to cable companies is also a big and aggravating challenge to overcome. If you are not careful with your bills you can easily get overcharged for premiums you did not subscribe to. Keep a close watch on your cable bills to ensure you don’t end up paying too much.


Cable is your on demand source of entertainment with countless of options. Although streaming has become the more popular choice, there is still something soothing and comforting about having cable TV at home during days when all you want is to watch TV and relax. Each has their own perks, and it all depends on your lifestyle. Choose wisely!

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