A Trophy as a Token of Gratitude to Build Business Relationships

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As a company, you might have established thousands of partnerships with other business entities. This is a common practice. Industries are built upon a network of intricate connection among business entities as there is no single business form could exist without the others. Partnership that is built based on respect and appreciation is what keeps the wheels of industry turning. Consumers and clients are not the only party that a business must build a bridge to. They might have formed the market but with demands come supply. Supply, in turn, is constituted by things you, as a company, provide for your consumers—only after you manage to assemble them. Even when you argue that you build your products or services from scratch, there is just no way you could make the raw materials yourself. There must be another party, another industry player, which supplies you with materials with which you build your products or services. This might sound unnecessarily complicated, which is why an example might help put this all into a perspective.

Let’s say you run an online shop. Unless you are a big, old industry player with global brand recognition, there is no way you have a means of storing your goods before sending them to a buyer. The fees of a storage space and a warehouse would be incompatible with the budget you have as a new business entity. You could afford some after squeezing through all of the budgetary concerns you currently have, but with the amount of products you have at the moment (which could be small in quantity), it might not be worth it. Rather, you would instead be burning through the bank account just to afford a space to store your goods. As a solution, you could rent a warehouse from a provider, which could be appropriated according to the amount of goods you have to store within it. You could then send a request for the warehouse organizer to take a product off the shelves in accordance with an order that a customer has placed through your online shop. This is a simple form of a business symbiotic relationship: you get to make your shop fully organized while the warehouse provider benefits from renting their space out to you. Without them, your shop would be littered by products, which would be potential in ruining the workflow and could be endangering those products themselves for being in the way.

Trophy is perhaps the best way you can show your gratitude toward that warehouse organizer. Well, of course, you will be paying for fees based on a period both parties agree upon but that is an obligatory consequence out of the mutual cooperation. Trophies send a message toward the recipient that you are immensely thankful for the services the other party is providing you with. Plus, it might help with that warehouse organizer’s way of building its own professional image. The award they receive from you could be used as a form of client’s satisfactory statement to boast to their other potential clients.