I Am Ready to Move in Now

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It is going to take awhile, but my grandfather’s house is going to look really nice when I get done with it. Of course it is sort of odd, since he is living in my old room now with my parents. The house is really about perfect for a man in my situation. It is really tiny, but there is just the one of me and that means there is less work to keep it clean and less grass to be mowed. I am looking at this website for an ADT home security system. The lady next door tells me that there is some issues around here with breaking and entering. As usual it is thought to be people who are on drugs and need money for drugs. I know some people I would never leave alone with my stuff for the exact same reason and I am even related to one of them.

The big thing I suppose is to make it obvious that you have an alarm. Unless the guy is totally nuts, then he is going to be looking for the sort of crime that pays. That means that you get in and you get out, then you get away. It is obvious that there are a lot of people in prison who thought that they were better at getting away with stuff than they actually were, but deterrence is going to go a long way. You really just need motion sensors on your doors and your windows, that is the thing that really triggers the alarm and the thing that makes your thief run away. A camera really does not help unless someone is watching the display. The thief just has to cover his face and it is useless so long as the alarm does not go off.