Time to Get My Own Condo

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I was looking for a nice place to live. I had been living with my parents ever since graduating from university, and I just felt the time was right to strike out on my own. It had been a privilege to live with them because it gave me the ability to save my money from working so I could get a nicer place when I was ready. I started looking at different developments that were either completed or near completion in my own district as well as surrounding ones, and that is how I found Treasure at Tampines.

I was pleased with everything I had read about the amenities that are there, but it was the actual layout of the condo that I was interested in. I did not want anything huge, but I also did not want to feel like I was cramped for space either. I was able to look at the different floor plans, and that is how I came to pick the condo I wanted there. I looked at the two bedroom units first, thinking that I would use the second bedroom as a home office.

When I looked at the floor space for the two bedroom units, I knew that it was just going to be too big for me. I opted for the one bedroom unit after looking at it because it had plenty of space for what I needed. I have been working at my current job for several years now, and I rarely bring home any work. I just thought it would be silly to pay for a room that I would barely use. I submitted my application that same day, and I will be moving in within this next month. The nice thing is I am still close enough to my parent’s condo to drop in when I want one of my mother’s home-cooked meals!