Playing the Key of Life

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Music is a very powerful force in society. It can be used to separate and bring people together. It can also be used to change lives. That was what happened to an old classmate of mine named Dante. When he was younger, Dante was not the perfect child. He constantly got into trouble. He would play with matches and fireworks. Once, he almost started a fire in his back yard. His grades in school were also terrible. His parents needed help. They knew they had to keep Dante out of trouble. They found a good piano teacher in Singapore.

The first time I met Dante was in my freshman year of high school. He was very disruptive in class. The teachers went to great lengths to avoid having him in their classrooms. Some teachers had no patience for Dante and kicked him out of class. Some of the time, Dante would just skip school and not come at all. Another problem with Dante was that he played mean pranks on some of the teachers and faculty. The teachers complained to the principal and he called in Dante’s parents. The principle warned that Dante could get expelled if the not change. Dante’s parents knew what they had to do.

Dante’s parents had enough of his antics. They decided to enroll him in piano lessons. They heard that children grow up to be successful in life when they play a musical instrument. They also thought that by keeping Dante busy, he would be able to stay out of trouble. After playing the piano for a while, Dante started to enjoy it. His parents saw a complete change in his behavior. He was behaving himself in class. His grades also began to improve as well. He seemed like a totally different person. Dante was heading down the right path in life.