Our Daughter Can’t Wait to Go in for Her Lessons

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My daughter wanted me to look for piano lessons for kids in Singapore because she wasn’t making enough progress in learning how to play. Her request took some getting used to for one simple reason: I’d been her piano teacher for several years. It’s tough to here someone tell you that you’re not that great of a teacher, especially when that someone is a loved one, but she’s probably right. We get along great, but my teaching style doesn’t fit her very well. I can be a bit demanding and that puts a lot of stress on her to do better.

It hit home about making a change after my daughter’s latest recital didn’t go that well. She had a freezing up moment that ruined her piece. So it became very clear that a change needed to happen. Fortunately I know about a music centre here in the city that employs all sorts of amazing instructors on just about any instrument you can imagine. I personally know the person who works with children on the piano so it was a no brainer to take my daughter down and sign her up for some lessons.

After seeing her immediate progress with the other piano instructor, I have to admit that I’d been holding her back. She clicks in a way with the other instructor that just didn’t happen between us. My daugher doesn’t seem stressed when she’s learning a new piece, and she seems to pick it up much faster with her new teacher. I suppose some people would be angry about this situation, but I’m pretty happy for her. Sometimes you just have to accept that another instructor is better for your child than you are. She’s got another recital coming up and a new confidence about it. I just know she’ll hit it out of the park.