My Daughter’s Face Looks So Much Better

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After visiting a Singapore aesthetic clinic, my daughter looks and feels so much better. It’s like she is an entirely different person. She unfortunately inherited my acne genes and I felt so bad for her when she first started to break out. Looking at her was like time traveling back to the early 1980s when I suffered through the same thing. Back then there wasn’t much to be done about it either other than just suffer through the taunts from classmates and wait for your skin to clear. I was determined that my daughter would not suffer the same thing I did back in the day.

So I looked at the various clinics and made an appointment at one that said they deal with a lot of bad acne cases. We went in for her appointment and they went right to work on her face after determining the best course of treatment. I sort of thought they would give her some ointment and send her home (something that happened to me back in the 1980s), but instead they used some old fashion scraping and popping and then used a device to go over the worst spots.

The end result is nothing short of incredible. She still looked a bit rough for a couple of days, but her skin soon cleared up almost completely. It’s like she went to bed one night with some acne spots and they were gone in the morning. I feel like it’s a miracle. I know for a fact she’s certainly happy to not have to listen to classmates make snarky comments about her zits. We’ll still have to return to the clinic to deal with any new flare ups, but that’s a small price to pay to have such a dramatic transformation. We’ll definitely be returning to the same clinic.