Two Important Things You Need to Become a Notary Public

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The job of a notary is both an important and interesting job to have. You can do this work either full time or part time, and you can do this job from an office or even out of your home. You can even do this type of work in a mobile fashion, taking the work directly to your customer’s home or business or work place. Each state has different rules for becoming a notary, but the entire process is often easy and fast. Most people can become a notary in only a couple of weeks. There are, however, two important elements that you must satisfy before you start your practice.

You need a surety bond

This is a bond that every state requires you to have. It is a form of insurance that protects your clients from errors and omissions that lead to financial loss. The amount of the bond varies from one state to another, but a typical amount is $7,500. Keep in mind that this is a minimum required by state law. If you want additional protection, you can get a higher amount. Also, this bond has a limited time it is in effect. Generally, the bond will be good for four years, which is the time that your notary commission will be good for. After this, you will need a renewal. Once you have been a notary, you can usually renew online, in most states.

You will need supplies                                  

Once you have sent in your application with proof of a surety bond, you will be sworn in. At that point, you will need supplies to practice as a notary. You may be required to have a record book of your transactions. If not, you should get one anyway. It’s more professional to have a hard copy of all of your business. You will need a notary stamp. You may wonder where to get a notary stamp. The best place is online.

You will need to look up the exact requirements and steps needed to become a notary in the state you reside in, but you will discover that the two items above are the most important.