Disputing the Legalities of a Loan

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Most people know full well what they are getting into when they agree to borrow money from a bank, credit union, or other financier. They understand the terms of their contracts and agree to pay back the money plus interest over time.

However, other people who lack the faculties to think for themselves may be taken advantage of easily by predatory lenders. By hiring medical experts, therapists, and expert witness testimony for your case, you could prove that a loved one did not know what he or she was doing when this person signed the contract with the financier.

Proving Malicious Intent

It can be difficult to prove that the lender has malicious intentions when it extended financing to your loved one. Still, a monetary expert who is experienced in investigating and uncovering these companies’ tactics could convince a judge that the lender knew it was taking advantage of your loved one.

One way the expert may accomplish this is by explaining the language of the contract that your relative signed. If he can find predatory language in the contract, he may prove to the court that the business knew it was taking advantage of someone who could not pay off the loan satisfactorily.

Likewise, if the expert can find confusing language that makes paying back the loan unclear, he could convince the court to side with your loved one. People who are not well-versed in financing may not be able to decipher unclear language and think it means something else when they sign the contract.

Proving the Incapacity of Your Relative

One of the most challenging aspects of going to court for a matter like this is accusing your relative of being unsound when making monetary decisions. Still, it could be the only way to get your loved one out of the contract and away from the obligation of paying back the loan.

The expert witness could make your case in gentle yet clear terms that helps the judge know your relative cannot sign papers or agree to predatory lending practices. He or she may help you win your case.