Why the Cubicle is Still the Best Option for Your Office

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In recent years, there has been a lot of debate around whether using cubicles or creating an open floor plan in the office is the best way to boost workflow. And while there are many cheerleaders for open concept floor plans, the cubicle remains the best tool for optimal productivity.

Proximity and Privacy

Cubicles are a great balance of semi-private seating and maintaining close proximity to one’s colleagues. While open floor plans are celebrated for their ease of connection and collaboration, cubicles offer the same ease with a touch of personal space. Not all employees work well in a more extroverted, interactive office layout. But with the right cubicle set up, every employee has the opportunity to mingle and combine forces while also being able to focus in on their own work in their own space when needed.

Personalization and Productivity

Another great thing about cubicles is the opportunity they provide for personalization. Both brand new and pre owned cubicles can be made to feel like home. Typically, cubicle walls are great for hanging photos, pinning up sticky notes and other personal touches that offer a boost of inspiration and good feelings. Office employees spend most of their time at their desk, so adding glimpses of life outside of work, such as family photos, can remind them of their goals and increase productivity.    

Creative Construction and Conversation

Cubicles come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the number of teams and needs of the office, cubicles can be arranged in a variety of creative ways to collocate similar teams and promote collaboration. What’s more, when colleagues drop by another team’s cubicle, it often leads to a more intentional and productive conversation, as opposed to the more frequent, casual interruptions that happen within open concept offices.

Cubicles may be getting a negative reputation these days, but don’t write them off. With the limitless potential for personalization and the perfect combination of private and collaborative space, cubicles are still the best option for any office layout.