The new-look Twitter Has to be seen

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With mounting pressure to keep up with other social media platforms, Twitter has rolled out a new update that has redesigned its look to make it faster and easier to use.


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What does it look like?

The main changes to Twitter’s redesign focus on typography, which allows its users to focus much more easily on tweets by including the use of bold headlines. The reply icon has also gotten an update and has been replaced by a speech bubble instead of the standard arrow.

Grace Kim, the vice president of user research and design for Twitter, explained that users often mistook the reply arrow for a back or delete button, so the update took this into account. Tweets will now be updated in real time and links will open directly through the browser instead of taking the user to a separate tab. There will also be a side user navigation panel.  This has been very well advertised to the public which we are sure was helped along with advice from a Branding Agency like the ones at reallyhelpfulmarketing

Profile pictures

Another feature that has been given a refresh is the profile picture. The square photos that were once the focal point of personal Twitter pages have been replaced by a rounded frame. Any filled-in icons have also been replaced and updated with line-drawn symbols instead. This gives them a softer edge, which is highlighted by the lighter backdrop the app has been given. It’s a similar feature to that included on Instagram, which also has the same speech bubble reply and rounded photos.


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Managing your accounts

With subtle changes happening constantly on social media, it’s important that businesses keep themselves up to date. This includes any social media accounts, along with their own website. If you prefer to hire a web development company to take care of this for you,then  to they could manage it in a more efficient way than you can.

What’s next for Twitter

With Twitter confirming that the update has been based on feedback from its users, it is continually exploring ideas that come from those who use it. With the inclusion of fake news hitting social media, rumours have suggested that a fake news button could soon be making its way to Twitter to allow users to report false stories.

New updates are constantly being worked on, and it is expected that Twitter will roll out additional updates soon.