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Did you know that the type of desk you work at affects you in ways you may not realise? Changing your desk can change the way you work in a positive way. If you have a great work area, your attitude will be more positive and you might even learn to love your job!

Let’s take a look at some of the most unique desk ideas that are around at the moment.  The largest desk in the world is installed at a New York marketing firm and was designed to aid collaboratively working practices.  The desk spans 4,400 square feet and 125 employees can be seated at it at any one time. There is 1,100 feet of unbroken desk surface and undulates between archways and tunnels. The idea is for an endless table where large meetings can take place but also small sheltered areas for more private discussions. Do you think this would inspire you?

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Or how about something smaller and more personalised to your individual needs? Bespoke desks come in all shapes and sizes. There are multi-functional desks with interconnecting parts which can become a bed, a desk and a seat with cushions. Another desk which might suit a smaller space is the Ledge desk.  As the name suggests it is a ledge coming out from the wall. Great for tight spaces.  If your putting the desk in the main reception area then maybe get hold of some Reception Chairs from sites like who have a great selection of chairs to suit your needs. 

Another cool idea is the Sandbox desk. Basically a normal workstation but the legs are placed in a large sandbox so you can kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes just as if you were on the beach. Sounds lovely but your boss might not appreciate sand being walked into the carpet on your way to the photocopier!

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A sliding desk helps you to keep things neat and tidy and gives you the ability to slide things out of the way when you are not using them. This desk can have secret compartments built in for storage and even a lamp can be incorporated.

A slightly more relaxed affair is the combined coffee table/desk which can be converted depending on your needs. If you are concerned about your posture then you could try a standing or sitting desk combination and for the more extreme fitness fanatics out there, a desk built onto a treadmill! Great idea but be careful with your coffee!

Some artistic and particularly creative pieces include the desk built into stairs for space saving and  a Victorian Steampunk desk featuring an organ. I wonder how much work we would get done sitting at an organ or having our feet in sand?