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27 per cent of equity release plans used to clear mortgages in 2017

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Equity release is a way of retaining the use of your home or object of capital value whilst obtaining a lump sum by using the value of your house. The income provider will be repaid upon your death by the sale of your house.

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The Financial Conduct Authority is concerned that a substantial number of mortgage borrowers are taking out interest-only mortgages and have no plans in place at the end of the mortgage term to pay off the balance. To solve this problem, they are using equity release to pay off their mortgages. In 2017, equity release was used in this way by 27 per cent of customers, suggesting that debt in later life is becoming the norm.


With customers more relaxed about using their assets to pay off debts, financial advisers need to take a more rounded view of their clients’ assets when giving …

Plans For Your Online Business Venture

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Whatever the health insurance and condition of your business enterprise, it will take advantage of planning. Business planning of most kinds provides a roadmap that guides the leadership team to achieve business goals successfully.

I’ve taught company plan writing for longer than decade and I’ve also developed a one-day business plan composing workshop. It, the process of business planning gives company leaders opportunities to see the big picture and remove “magical thinking” from the process as I see. Business preparing first reveals if the proposed goals are potentially viable and second, requires that people devise strategies that will cause them to become a real possibility.

What your group wants to attain will contour the plan that is written. For instance, then the plan will include detailed financial projections if the mission is to launch a start-up that will require significant outside investment. Additionally, advertising strategies that look into consumer purchase, …