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How To Produce Under Some Pressure Like A Concert Pianist

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Final night we attended a performance by the Seattle Symphony of Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto. If you have ever heard of film Shine, you know how daunting this piece would be to a concert pianist. It’s a 40-plus moment workout, consisting of 30,000 specific notes, every one of which may have become performed-often at lightning speed-in a particular order; with nuance, dynamics, and passion; live; from memory; in front of a discerning audience of several thousand people, and a far more discerning orchestra and conductor.

Can you state “pressure”?

The soloist, Kirill Gerstein, performed brilliantly.

Exactly what does it try try this? Exactly what does it simply take to do at your absolute best when it matters most? When all eyes are on you, and expectations are high?

The important thing, because it works out, is to maybe not look at the notes.

A musician of Mr. Gerstein’s caliber is …