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Two High Tech Burial Methods

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When it comes to dealing with the thought of death some people react differently than most. Given these new ideas that were brought forth simply by the interest of people we see that there can be alternatives to methods and not just about ideas to the traditional burial or cremation

Space Burial

The idea of spending eternity floating in space might not appeal to people who enjoy gravity and stability as opposed to black nothingness, but for sci-fi diehards, it’s now possible to be buried in space.


This varies depending on—as always—cost and availability. One common way is for some of your ashes to be taken up in a ship that’s already headed for space. But, the cost of spaceflight is already exorbitant, so current standards dictate only less than .25 ounces can actually be put on the ship. Maybe it’s the thought that counts, even in death?

Other options …