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Pad Printing: a New Print Technology Marvel

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Using pad printing or tampography is one way to help an image to graduate from 2-D to 3-D. We have to keep in mind that the D stands for dimension. That extra dimension gives more definition to the image or object and makes it really pop. Because every new printing technology builds off of other existing technology, it is a more excellent form of printing. The beauty is that pad printing borrows a bit from existing printing technology as well as from the wondrous art of engraving. However, it takes those a step forward. Exacting replications of images is one of the hallmarks of pad printing, Nicely saturated colors is another. Read on to find out more about this next generation type of printing and the evolutionary leap forward that it provides across various platforms.

Thanks to pad printing, a golf ball or hockey puck can have 3-D imaging despite …