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Unal Patel Discusses How to Navigate the Hiring Shortage in IT

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Unal Patel on the Shortage of Labor in IT: What Employers Can Do

There’s a public hiring crisis that’s been in the news for months now, and it’s left plenty of employers wondering the best way to source talent when there’s so much competition. Unal Patel is a Financial Advisory Services Consultant, but he’s also worked with private equity and public companies in IT services (among various other industries). He discusses how employers can approach this problem from different angles, and what they can ultimately mean for their business.

The Listing: Start with the Basics

It would be easy to see a job listing like a checklist, especially when that’s how it’s arranged to begin with. A decision-maker will often shoot for the moon with their requirements, asking for educational milestones, achievements, or certificates that might not be commensurate with the salary or job title.

For an employer, this might …

A Guide to Hiring Las Vegas Independent Escorts

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When many people think about hiring a woman to spend time with them, they imagine a collective group of people who all have the same rules. This is not the case when dealing with Las Vegas independent escorts. Before you start looking for someone to have a great time with, it is important that you are clear about what you can expect.

Avoid asking questions that can be answered by doing research on the Web. Most Las Vegas independent escorts get numerous calls a day and it can be rather frustrating to answer the same questions all of the time. Read over any information you can before calling so only pertinent information is discussed.

Do not try to negotiate the prices.…