BEE is not just simply a case of being economically rewarded just because of the colour of your skin

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BEE is not just simply a case of being economically rewarded just because of the colour of your skin. This is just one portion of what makes up the total score. It does not mean that just because you are not black that you will then be disadvantaged with your scorecard. There are other factors that come into play as well. The whole concept can be pretty intimidating for someone who does not have a solid understanding of it, therefore in these cases it is necessary to bring in a BEE consulting business. In fact, any business that wants to become accredited should utilize the services of a BEE consulting firm. Let us look at some of the other factors counted towards a BEE score. Skills development is an important aspect of BEE. Because of being disadvantaged, many black people did not have the opportunity to gain training and knowledge in their field of passion. BEE consulting can help a company set up a training programme within the business.


The company can then be awarded points on their BEE scorecard for this as well as gain future employees who they have trained themselves. Implementing this correctly will give businesses tax rebates. Every individual in a training programme will give the business a tax rebate. A BEE consulting firm is essential in this aspect. They will draw up a plan to get this going within the company and also ensure that it will pass through the BEE audit. Getting a high score is essential as it will determine whether or not you are a higher level contributor or a lower level one. This is very important in our next step which is supplier and enterprise development. Businesses will get points to add to their scorecard by doing business with another BEE company. As the BEE consulting firm will let you know though, points are only awarded on the contributor level.

Therefore if the other business is a low level contributor you will not be getting a high score. If you are doing business with a company that is a level 1 contributor, then you will also get the full points on this factor. You would not want to leave out, or not include crucial members in your supply chain which again, is where the eagle eye of a BEE consulting firm comes in. They ensure all information is given to the BEE accreditation company. The final aspect would be the social development one. A business does not only have to get points through business affairs. This can extend to its social responsibility avenues. If this is something that is already in play within a company then a BEE consulting firm will simply assist adding it to the accreditation proposal. If this is not something done by a business then a strategy can now be implemented to ensure that these vital points are not missed out on. Ideally it should be something charitable that directly correlates with the industry and values of the business.