5 Key Things to Include in a Flyer or Leaflet

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When you have an event to publicise, or a sale to promote, the first thing you think about is a flyer or leaflet. Flyers and leaflets are quick and easy to produce, and cheap to print. But before you rush out to the printers with your design, hold on – ask yourself an important question: what should be included on a leaflet or a flyer? There is a lot to think about to ensure you produce an item that maximises the effectiveness of your promotion. Here are a few things to consider including when you are putting together your flyer.


1. Company Colours and Logo

It is vitally important to use colour in leaflets and flyers. But you need to choose your colours effectively. You need people to notice your leaflet or flyer but you also need them to associate the mailing with your company. Repeat colours you use in your company’s logo and other marketing materials in your flyer. Keep your colours consistent so flyers fit in with your marketing campaign as a whole.

2. Something New

It is important to keep colours and logo consistent, but printing companies say you should be careful not to repeat old designs or identical images from previous campaigns. People get used to seeing the same old thing, and this will mean your flyers and leaflets will not stand out or be noticed. When designing and working on your flyer printing, keep experimenting and look at different layouts, different words, different fonts, etc. You could design a set of different leaflets for the same event and see which one gets the better response.

3. Details

You may think this is stating the obvious, but as well as ensuring that you design a leaflet which is full or originality and colour you need to make sure you include the important details your customers need. Consider what you are trying to achieve with your leaflet printing and then make sure that your leaflets answer questions people may have, particularly the who, what, and when of the event or promotion.

4. Direct Language

Include the words “you” or “your” in your flyer printing instead of “we” as this generates a more intense connection between you and your customers. Your customers are encouraged to see themselves in what you are advertising, and this can be very powerful when you are engaging them in your brand.

5. Space

And don’t forget to include an adequate amount of white space in your design. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cram as much information as possible into the page. You need to have a clear image, and space between text, so that you attract as much attention as possible.

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