Jung Briggs Myers Personality Tests – Do They Will Have Inherent Flaws?

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A few weeks ago, I happened to be speaking to an acquaintance about  the Jung Myers Briggs personality tests, he pointed out to me that the tests may actually have inherent flaws. Gee, do you know what, I’ve constantly thought so as well, but maybe we can explore this subject before we create  a final response or conclusion regarding  the tests. Let’s talk.

Now then, why do I think they have been flawed? Well, it is  a very interesting topic, no  doubt. I personally don’t like those tests either, they kind  of piss me personally down once  I just take them, while the concerns are never what  you genuinely wish  to answer depending on their allotted feasible answers, but  in each subsequent question it drills down one’s leanings in personality. I guess they work. So, is my disdain for the tests because I do not like them? Yes, that’s partly it, but additionally from some experience.

The truth is, formerly we ran a franchising business plus  in the industry we had tests to choose if somebody would produce  a good franchisee or  not, if not they might  not join our franchise. Yes, that restricted sales, but it addittionally supposedly saved us money within  the run that is long. Or achieved it? I assume We’ll never ever know, but what  I do know for sure now is those franchisees We thought would not be successful, often overcome  personal objectives for them, by  a shot that is long.

Where might these tests be more relevant? Think  about in judging your opponent, enemy, or sizing up a leader that is foreign to high stakes settlement and brinksmanship? Especially, let’s say we wished  to negotiation with Putin, Assad, Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez (RIP), or other challenging character, knowing their personality assists. That is essential right? Yes it really is, but  you better be proper onto  it.

What if you should be consulting, or dealing with a hard to deal with person, it can help to know how they think, not merely what they think. It also assists those comprehend by themselves, similar to  the SWOT Analysis for company plans; strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats up to  a prospective business design. Everyone else should exploit their skills and focus on their weaknesses, when they want to better by themselves, their brain, standing, or get to a higher level.

My acquaintance noted that while he saw inherent flaws, he additionally discovered the categorizing of characters to be fascinating, and helpful in understanding variations in individuals. We agree, also  to that time I’d probably need to add to the dialogue;

Humans are sometimes simple like those test portray, but many by having  a variety of experiences are incredibly vastly complex, that sometimes those personality tests lead people to unfortunate conclusions that will maybe not work in all situations for even an individual that is single a given time. Sometimes life activities become game changers, but usually  the tests are accurate even when people because the tests won’t let me choose the correct answer – as it just isn’t listed – even if that helps with the strength of the test results to do it that way like me get frustrated taking them. Please consider all of this and think onto  it.