Month: October 2017

How to get benefit of government scheme when purchasing homes

Government has launched a number of schemes to help first time home buyers purchase homes. These schemes are designed to help buyers purchase homes within their set budget. You can make use of one such scheme to purchase home at Sobha International City depending on your budget. With a small mount of money you can invest in the property. Following a re a few options available.

Loan schemes (Equity)

These scheme offers are available for first time buyers. Existing home owners can also take full benefit of these schemes. You can also take its benefit for renovating your existing homes. You have to declare the purchase price to take its benefit. Under the scheme you can request to borrow money at interest free rate and purchase property.

Guarantee mortgage scheme

This scheme is available for old and new buyers. In this case the government will provide with funds that will …

Jung Briggs Myers Personality Tests – Do They Will Have Inherent Flaws?

A few weeks ago, I happened to be speaking to an acquaintance about  the Jung Myers Briggs personality tests, he pointed out to me that the tests may actually have inherent flaws. Gee, do you know what, I’ve constantly thought so as well, but maybe we can explore this subject before we create  a final response or conclusion regarding  the tests. Let’s talk.

Now then, why do I think they have been flawed? Well, it is  a very interesting topic, no  doubt. I personally don’t like those tests either, they kind  of piss me personally down once  I just take them, while the concerns are never what  you genuinely wish  to answer depending on their allotted feasible answers, but  in each subsequent question it drills down one’s leanings in personality. I guess they work. So, is my disdain for the tests because I do not like them? Yes, that’s partly …