Pro and cons of fossil fuels

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Fossil fuels are used all over the globe for every possible purpose – from powering cars to lighting homes. But, especially in recent years, there have been debates on whether we should continue using them with questions being raised about their safety and efficiency, the effect on the environment, etc.

It is true that fossil fuels have some substantial pros. Firstly, they are available in great quantities and we are really able to use them. We have machinery and plants ready, so making the shift to renewable energy sources might take time and effort. But, on the other hand, they cause such damage to the environment that it seems that if we don’t make the shift soon, there will be consequences which will badly affect all of us and the planet. A lot of people believe that it would be worth putting a lot of effort and time into shifting and making the world a safer and healthier place.


Another item in the pro list for fossil fuels is that they are readily available and, luckily, they are accessible in abundance. But, the con is that we use up a lot of them, and soon they will run out. They are not renewable energy sources like wind or solar energy, and once they start diminishing, they will get more and more expensive which could lead to a crash in the economy. Also, for example, for a coal plant to work, large amounts of coal have to be brought in regularly, which means you need a lot of coal nearby or you have to bring it in, which is an additional cost and makes them more expensive.

Last pro when it comes to fossil fuels is that the industry creates a lot of jobs, but on the other hand, a lot of those jobs are dangerous and have a very bad effect on the health of workers. Coal mines, for example, can be very dangerous as ingesting dust can compromise your health. And renewable energy industry, if we made the complete shift, would also produce a lot of jobs that would be more secure and healthier for the workers.

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