What to Include in Your Office Relocation Letter to Your Employees

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When a company is contemplating a move to a new office space keeping employees informed each step of the way is important. Once the company has decided to make the move and the search for the right space begins in earnest it’s advisable to involve employees. An official letter should be sent to them as well even though they are participating in the move.

Employees need to be reassured and put at ease over the proposed move and sending an internal office relocation letter is the best way to address their concerns.

Offer Reassurance

This can be an exciting time it can also be the cause of a lot of stress for your employees. The company may have all the information regarding the move but employees can have some real concerns that need to be addressed. From an increase in commute time to fears about job loss are just a couple of questions it’s important to respond to and ease people’s fears. The official letter should begin with a positive introduction, follow by explaining the reasons for the move, how it will benefit the company for example cost savings and amenities.

If downsizing is a reality don’t pretend it isn’t happening, this is an issue to be handled with sensitivity. Encourage employees to respond, ask questions or communicate with each other. A basic office relocation letter will include the current timeline for the move and important milestones such as the projected moving date. Set a date for a meeting to supply any changes, by keeping staff informed they’ll be active participants in the process. Designate tasks at this time providing the tools they need to complete them.

A follow up letter should be sent once a firm timeline for the move has been established. The letter will outline the following:

  • Staff assignments
  • Packing deadlines
  • Packing instructions
  • Computer downtimes
  • Company limitations
  • Transportation and parking notes
  • What to do upon arrival at the new location

Some additional suggestion when preparing a office relocation letter would be to highlight or bold key dates, it should be written on office letterhead ( no emails ) be as specific as possible, designate contacts.

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