I Guess That I Have a New Girlfriend of Sorts

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I had been chasing this girl for about a month, although I guess I never really thought about the fact that she had a nice apartment and a brand new BMW, but that she never seemed to get out of bed or go to work. At any rate she decided to let me reap the fruits of my labor, but first she sat me down and showed me the web page of a place that turned out to be an escort service in Salt Lake County. There were some very interesting pictures of her on the web page and she told me that she had been doing this for about four years, since she was a sophomore and found herself unable to feed herself without giving up the class load. She told me that he had graduated with honors and that she had a degree in math with a minor in computer science, but that she was finishing up a double major and going to grad school online.

Obviously she wanted me to figure out if this were a deal breaker for me, but then I never thought that she was a virgin and I probably had not ever thought about marrying her and having a bunch of kids with her. I shrugged and told her we would have to be a lot more serious before this became my business. She then told me that I would not be quitting my job, even though she was not far from being rich. I realized that she had been making a great deal of money. She proved this to me by demystifying the rent of my apartment. She told me that her landlords were her and five other girls, but they only owned the loan which they owed to the bank. She had a whiteboard to explain how long it would take them to own the complex and two other places. This was just one thing in a lot of other stuff, none of which she intended to share with me.