Month: October 2020

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Onboarding

It is a frequent routine that happens where the supervisor hires someone new, and on the first day, introduces the person to other employees in the office, shows the newly hired individual where to sit, and then just leaves the person alone to figure things out. Not everyone can adjust to this scenario. That is why employee engagement and onboarding are so important. As a new employee, have you ever had that happen to you before where you feel lost the first day on the job due to no engagement? It can be quite lonely, stressful, and awkward to be in that position. By employing proven onboarding practices, employers can avoid this scenario. Onboarding can be quite effective if the employer places the required importance on it so as to improve engagement.

The Onboarding Process

When a new employee is brought into the organization, the onboarding process is necessary for a smooth …

Simplify Your Insurance Agency’s Operations With an Agency Management System

It does not matter if your insurance agency is large or if it is small. There are things that can help improve the way that you do business. One of the best ways to help improve efficiency and reduce operating costs is by utilizing Insurance Agency Management Systems. There are many benefits to using this kind of service.

Most insurance companies use some kind of management system to aid in the daily operation of their business. It’s vital to get on board with a suitable management system in order for your agency to stay competitive. Here are the benefits to help you make that decision.

  • The software will help you pull all of your files into one centralized place. This will provide you with easy and quick access to them. You will also find that part of the system can be used to back up files and lessen the risk