I Found a Girlfriend by Accident

It was not really what I was trying to do, but it was how it worked out. It started out with a simple thing, I was helping my uncle do air conditioning installation in New York City. He knows all about that stuff and he does not always work for his boss. I have been helping him do this stuff since I was 15 years old, lately I only did it when I was home from college. That is all of the time now though. At any rate I have been doing a lot of this stuff and we put in a new unit near the campus of City College. There were a bunch of girls living in this place and it was quite distracting. One of them actually owned the place. She and her father had bought the place on a simple theory. They could pay for the place, which she could live for and they could charge rent to a half dozen other girls.

At any rate she found out that I could do other stuff and that I was good at math, which she claims not to be. I did not believe it then and I still do not, but that did not stop me from tutoring her. I stopped taking her money pretty soon and asked her why she did not simply ask me to go out with her. I would most definitely have been happy to do that. At any rate this is working out really great for me and my parents do not seem to mind that I have been staying at her place most of the time. I have been doing a lot of tutoring as well, although I really do not need the money that much to be totally honest about it.