Filling in for a Sick Secretary

Things have really changed at my company because of the virus outbreak. My secretary actually contracted the virus after taking a trip to Italy with her husband. Everyone at the office was worried about her health and hoped that she would get well soon. These are scary times, and everyone is hoping that no one will get the virus, but when you’re dealing with something that’s microscopic and can be passed around easily from person to person, anything can happen. While my secretary was recovering, I hired a corporate secretary from a firm to take her place.

The secretary did a great job of covering all of the tasks that my normal secretary would handle. For a while, business went on like usual. I had meeting with clients, everyone in the office was doing their part, and things were running like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately, this return to normalcy was short lived, because I had to temporarily close the office and have all of my employees work from home. Long ago, I prepared for a moment where my employees would need to work remotely by setting up an application that allows for video conferencing and chatting. Everyone can share files and talk amongst each other through text, video, or audio.

I expect that it will be at least a few more weeks until everyone will be able to head back into the office, but until then, we can all continue to work from home. Other businesses have done the same thing, and I can still meet with clients, but now it’s in an online setting instead of face to face. If things don’t change by the time some of the major holidays come, I have a feeling that our numbers for the year will be a bit worse than the year before.