Out with the Old, in with the New

I’m a pretty easy going boss, and I don’t like to fire anyone, but I had to recently. My secretary was a nice person, but she wasn’t that great at her job. She would misplace things, her typing speed was too slow, and she would make a lot of errors. I told her many times that she would have to improve, but she never did. The mistakes that the secretary made also affected the work of the other employees. I had to replace the secretary using corporate secretarial services in Singapore to find a new one.

The secretary had been with the company for a couple of years, and she was much better at her job when she first started working for me. I don’t know what happened to make her worse at her job, but her decline was so noticeable and there was nothing I could do except to get rid of her. I hope that she’ll be able to land on her feet and maybe find a job that will be much more suitable for her, because I’m not so sure that she’s cut out for the role of a secretary. Although I was a bit sad that I had to fire the old secretary, the other employees were happy because it meant that they could do their work.

The new secretary that I hired was much better than the old one. Her typing speed was phenomenal, surpassing even mine, and I had one of the fastest typing speeds in the office. She never made a single error in her documents, she was neat and well organized, and could easily remember things. Comparing her to the old secretary was like comparing night and day. If I had fired the old secretary sooner, we could have all been a lot more productive.